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OBEX Basic Bundle

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The OBEX Basic Bundle provides you with two powerful products to help keep your boat fresh all season long.

OBEX CLOTHING + SURFACE GUARD is a highly unique antimicrobial finishing product that forms a protective nano barrier on your boats surfaces. This microscopic shield permanently bonds to your boats surfaces creating a nano-environment in which mold, mildew and odor causing microbes cannot grow. OBEX CLOTHING + SURFACE GUARD provides long-term antimicrobial protection for your boat seats, vinyl cushions, canvas tops, boat covers, marine ropes, marine carpets, marine performance fabrics and other boat and marine related gear. With OBEX COLTHING + SURFACE GUARD protecting your boat from mold, mildew, fungal and bacterial odors and staining for up to 6 months is as fast and easy as spray and walk away. 

OBEX MARINE + RV DUAL ACTION SURFACE GUARD is a unique hybrid of our popular OBEX MPERIAL BOAT WASH and OBEX CLOTHING + SURFACE GUARD products combined into one easy to use spray and wipe application. OBEX MARINE + RV DUAL ACTION SURFACE GUARD effectively removes dirt, grime and odors from you boats surfaces while living behind a thin layer of our antimicrobial nano shield to help keep your boat protected in any situation.

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