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OBEX Complete Bundle

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The OBEX Complete Bundle provides you with all 5 of our powerful products to help keep your boat fresh and clean all season long.

OBEX MARINE WASH is the only boat wash formula on the market that is EPA registered to kill mold and mildew. OBEX MARINE WASH when used as directed will effectively eliminate 99.99% of microbial sources that cause mold, mildew, fungi, bacteria and musty odors on all hard and soft surfaces both inside and outside of your boat. Your boat has never been this clean before.

OBEX CLOTHING + SURFACE GUARD is a highly unique antimicrobial finishing product that forms a protective nano barrier on your boats surfaces. This microscopic shield permanently bonds to your boats surfaces creating a nano-environment in which mold, mildew and odor causing microbes cannot grow. OBEX CLOTHING + SURFACE GUARD provides long-term antimicrobial protection for your boat seats, vinyl cushions, canvas tops, boat covers, marine ropes, marine carpets, marine performance fabrics and other boat and marine related gear. With OBEX CLOTHING + SURFACE GUARD protecting your boat from mold, mildew, fungal and bacterial odors and staining for up to 6 months is as fast and easy as spray and walk away.

OBEX MARINE + RV DUAL ACTION SURFACE GUARD is a unique hybrid of our popular OBEX MARINE WASH and OBEX CLOTHING + SURFACE GUARD products combined into one easy to use spray and wipe application. OBEX MARINE + RV DUAL ACTION SURFACE GUARD effectively removes dirt, grime and odors from you boats surfaces while living behind a thin layer of our antimicrobial nano shield to help keep your boat protected in any situation.

OBEX LAUNDRY DETERGENT + is a revolutionary new phosphate-free laundry product designed to impart the same durable antimicrobial nano shield into your marine fabrics during the wash cycle. This unique formula is the only laundry detergent available that keeps reoccurring odors and staining associated with mold, mildew, fungi and bacteria from embedding into your marine fabrics between washings. With OBEX LAUNDRY DETERGENT + you can leave clothing, bedding and towels stowed away between trips without the fear of returning to nasty odors. It's even safe for Sunbrella washable fabrics!

OBEX HAND SANITIZER + is a unique alcohol-free, hypoallergenic foaming hand sanitizer formula. The advanced formula of OBEX HAND SANITIZER + extends germ fighting protection for up to 8 hours. The unique foaming action garuntees a more even application while also helping to loosen dirt and grime from the skin. This feature is beneficial when your out on your boat for extended periods of time.

See individual product pages for more detailed product information.