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OBEX Laundry Detergent



OBEX LAUNDRY DETERGENT + is a revolutionary new phosphate-free laundry product designed to impart the same durable antimicrobial nano shield into your marine fabrics during the wash cycle. This unique formula is the only laundry detergent available that keeps reoccurring odors and staining associated with mold, mildew, fungi and bacteria from embedding into your marine fabrics between washings. With OBEX LAUNDRY DETERGENT + you can leave clothing, bedding and towels stowed away between trips without the fear of returning to nasty odors. It's even safe for Sunbrella washable fabrics!


• Embeds antimicrobial protection into fabrics for long-lasting freshness

• Stops odor and mold causing microbes from adhering to fabrics

• Protective finish is undetectable to the touch and won't alter the feel of fabrics

• Formula is non-leaching, phosphate-free, hypoallergenic and safe for the environment

• Keeps fabrics fresher between washes

• Safe for use on all types of washable fabrics

• Compatible with High Efficiency Washing Machines