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OBEX Marine+RV Dual Action Surface Guard



OBEX MARINE + RV DUAL ACTION SURFACE GUARD is a unique hybrid of our popular OBEX MPERIAL BOAT WASH and OBEX CLOTHING + SURFACE GUARD products combined into one easy to use spray and wipe application. OBEX MARINE + RV DUAL ACTION SURFACE GUARD effectively removes dirt, grime and odors from you boats surfaces while living behind a thin layer of our antimicrobial nano shield to help keep your boat protected in any situation.


• Keeps nano-shield free of dirt and grime

• Revitalizes any damaged areas of the protective shield

• Cleans and protects high traffic areas with an easy spray and wipe

• Does not leave behind any residue

• Contains EAP registered active ingredients

• Safe for use on all types of interior and exterior surfaces


• Hold sprayer 6-8 inches above surface to be cleaned

• Saturate surface

• Scrub where needed to lift up embedded dirt or grime

• Wipe with microfiber cloth